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Music Creator

Top 10 sites for Creating Digital Music, according to Technology Tidbits Blog

  • Myna - Far and away my favorite online music editor. This is very similar to Garageband and a nice alternative for those who do not have the Apple application.
  • Soundation - Very easy to use w/ a drag/drop interface for creating some excellent sounding music.
  • Jam Studio - A fun site that lets users select a "key" to play in and then a theme to match it to.
  • Loop Labs - A little bit of a higher learning curve then most online sites but w/ a nice time line editor.
  • Your Spins - A great site for mixing prerecorded music and then sharing w/ others.
  • Indaba - Is a unique site where people can create collaborative music pieces to make one final product.
  • Creating Music - A fantastic website to show kids how to create digital music. Very user friendly!!
  • Contrapunctus Variations - A wonderful site for creating orchestral type music by selecting an instrument and clicking on a time line.
  • iNudge - A very fun site for kids who make music by drawing shapes.
  • Glitchscape - Create sound by drawing vector shaped rectangles.