Reading Notes

Exercises to Print or Project

The following exercises can be printed on paper, or projected onto a screen for the whole class to use.

Note Reading Exercises (Level 1)

Beginner Flash Cards

Violin Viola Cello String Bass

Flash Card Strategies:

1. Print and Copy the page of blank staves at the end of the flash card document for every student. Cut the pages into flash cards and have students write a quarter note on the staff; then have them write the name of the note on the back. Have them include string and finger number if you wish.

2. Print the flash card pages. Load the pages carefully into a copy machine so that when copied front to back, the flash cards have the correct names on the reverse side of the notes. Give sheets to students to cut and practice while you work with other sections of the orchestra.

Flash Slides

These powerpoint slide shows allow the teacher to "flash" notes quickly on and off a screen to develop faster note recognition.

Open String D String A String G String

Flash Slide Strategies:

1. Set the metronome to a tempo that is comfortable for students.

2. Use the arrow buttons on your computer to flash a slide with notes onto the screen.

3. Leave the notes up as little or long as you like, then click the notes off the screen while the students say or play the notes they just saw.

4. Start by leaving notes up for four beats, and as students get better, display the notes for only 3 beats, then 2, then 1. Increase the tempo to further challenge students.